Pin headers

I’m a cheapskate.  Most of our kits use single-row headers, and it’s cheaper to buy 40-pin headers and break them down to size than buy headers pre-cut.  This of course takes time, which is in short supply.  And breaking headers apart with a pair of pliers is unreliable and inefficient.

Time to build a machine.

I’ve got a bunch of mediocre tools and a wild mechanical imagination.  So I invented a guillotine-like machine with an adjustable stop to get faster, more repeatable results.

You can also watch it in action on youtube. (sorry, couldn’t get the embedding to work on this blog)

One Response to “Pin headers”

  1. skhisma says:

    I’d love to see a similar device for female header rows. I always end up losing a socket when i cut them down to size.