Ah, this’ll make it easier

Up until now, whenever I’ve needed to power something up, I’ve had two options:  Either build it on a solderless breadboard with a breadboard power supply (shameless plug), or Frankenstein something together with a spare computer PSU.  With extra molex connectors and such sprawling all over the kitchen counter workbench.

This will make things a bit cleaner.

Take one suspiciously-cheap power supply, subtract some connectors, and add banana jacks and a little heatshrink, and I have myself a nice fixed-output bench power supply.  It’s not much of a hack, but it’ll make life much easier for me.

As for the insides…

The funny thing is this power supply is advertised as a 500W unit with two 12V rails, each rated for 13A.  In actuality, it only has a single 12V rail, and the rectifier on that rail is only rated for 12A.

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