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Function generators back in stock. Plus improvements!

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Supply chain management is apparently not my forte.  Especially when I run out of stock while on vacation.  In any case, though, we have more kits in stock.

Two improvements have been made for this round of kits:

1) The RC filter on the PWM outputs has been replaced by an LC filter for both triangle and square waves.  As a result, the ripple in the output is much reduced.  The silk screening on the PCBs hasn’t been updated, but it’s a drop-in replacement.

2) Spring terminals instead of screw terminals.  Screw terminals are great if you’re using 18 gauge wire or bigger, but how often do I use that?  Almost never.  Spring terminals are the rule from now on.

Woohoo! New product in!

Friday, April 16th, 2010

I sold out of my first product, a power supply for a solderless breadboard.  So I added a few features, ordered a new run of boards, and ordered a whole bunch of parts.  The PCBs came in last week, in a nice, v-scored flat pack:

That’s a 5mm LED next to it, for scale.  Here’s what the kit looks like assembled:

Want one?  It’s cheap–it’s just $4.99 over at the store.